The Mayor of Peterborough (and Peterborough Lion) Cllr June Stokes visited the Lions’ stall in Tesco, Werrington on Saturday 14th September to get one of this year’s Peterborough Lions Quiz leaflets. (Of-course she could have bought one online but that wouldn’t have made for such a good photo opportunity!)

The quiz has been one of our main fundraising activities for over 20 years (the club itself being over 40 years old, over which time it has collected and distributed half a million pounds to local charitable causes). Additionally, the quiz has helped several local charities and other voluntary groups raise over £50,000 by selling them on a 50/50 basis through charity shops, church halls, scouting venues, etc.

As Mayor of Peterborough, “Lion June” is not able to attend many Lions’ meetings or events but is keen to promote our efforts to raise funds, with the focus this year on a bladder scanner for Peterborough Hospital and amenities for Phoenix Special Needs School, alongside a myriad of smaller commitments, and Peterborough Lions Club is proud to have the current mayor as one of our members.

The latest Lions Quiz entitled “Adam’s Ale” is on sale priced £1.50. Peterborough Lions Club thanks Tesco for their invitation, and also both Sainsbury and both Morrison supermarkets where quiz leaflet sales have or will take place. Sales venues will operate at Morrisons Lincoln Road (4th-6th October), Morrisons Cardea Stanground (19th-20th October) and Sainsbury Oxney Road (24th November). After that, Santa and his elves will be about with the annual Christmas Carol Float, where quiz leaflets are always available to anyone who asks (ideal for inserting into Christmas cards!)

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