Easter Eggs – Online!

We now offer our annual Easter Egg fundraiser online. The rules are similar to our normal pub Easter Egg draws, with some small tweaks to make it work online.

  1. You can buy tickets – as many as you like – for £1 each from our store.
  2. There are 75 chances to win on each draw – as soon as we sell all 75 tickets the egg will be awarded to its winner and a fresh draw will commence.
  3. The final draw will take place the Tuesday after Easter. (If an unsold ticket wins the final draw then no prize will be awarded and the funds will instead be retained for welfare projects; this ensures that all entrants have the same chance of winning, regardless of when they enter.)
  4. Prizes will be delivered directly to your door by Thorton’s – mainland UK delivery is included in the prize.

You can view the prize draws as they progress using the link below:

Each completed sheet raises approximately £55 for our welfare projects, including our current President’s Project supporting access to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Every slot gives you a 1-in-75 chance of winning a giant egg. But each £1 also gets you a 100% chance of helping us to do important work in a difficult year.

Thank you for your support – and we look forward to seeing you back in our normal venues next year.

Good luck!