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On Saturday, the 19th August 2017, Peterborough City Centre will play host to an event to celebrate the CENTENARY of Lions CLubs International. It will take place in Cathedral Square and will be an opportunity to find out what Lions Clubs are all about and what we do for communities. This will be a Lions ZONE (area) event so clubs from surrounding towns will be taking part.

This is NOT a fund raising event but we are hoping to surround the Guildhall with tins of food to be donated to local FOOD BANKS after the day. If you will be in town that day and feel able to donate a tin or two please bring them along.

Certificate of AppreciationPeterborough Lions were one of a number of Lions Clubs from Lions District 105EA (UK, East Anglia) who have provided sponsorship to children in Phuket since shortly after the Tsunami on 26th December 2004. The aim was to help the children come to terms with lost ones and to develop their own characters.  During this time the Phuket Sunshine Village was built.

When the sponsorship started those clubs were supporting 16 children and the majority have now grown up and have jobs and better lives. During this period Peterborough Lions have supported two girls and one boy, one of whom, Supattra, remains at the village whilst the other two having received education at the village have moved on with their lives and now have jobs.

Phuket Sunshine Village now has local volunteers who concentrate on the fundraising required to support children at the village, and with that in mind the directors of the project now feel that, as there are many different needs throughout the world, that the help can now cease so that the various Lions Clubs can concentrate on new projects.

As an expression of their gratitude they sent Peterborough Lions the attached certificate of appreciation.

Peterborough Lions are proud to have been able to provide support in the aftermath of the terrible events that devastated the area nearly ten years ago, and in particular to have been able to continue that support long after the events had ceased to be of interest to the news channels – work that would not have been possible without the support of the people of Peterborough.

In December Peterborough Lions Club members took time out to raise finds desperately needed for the Typhoon Haiyan disaster.

Most of the funds raised by Peterborough Lions Club are spent on charitable and community causes within the Peterborough area, but a small proportion is held back to support International projects through the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) which is able to direct money raised around the world through Lions Clubs located in disaster areas, ensuring that it is put to good use by local Lions.

The Lions Club Charity Dinner was held at Maharani’s Restaurant in Hampton Hargate (by kind permission of Mr M Farooq) and attended by local Lions and their partners and friends (including honorary Peterborough Lion the Mayor of Peterborough, Cllr June Stokes). On this occasion the sole aim was to raise money to help people affected by the super typhoon Haiyan, and through it and other fundraising efforts Peterborough Lions were able to present a cheque for £1,000 to the UK Lions’ Haiyan Appeal, where it will be used to provide essential water filtration kits. UK Lions combined have pledged £200,000 to this cause, sufficient to purchase 1,000 filtration kits. Lions around the world have contributed $500,000 including funds raised by the Orient and South East Asia Lions and those contributed via LCIF.

For more information about Lions, including donations to the Haiyan appeal or joing Peterborough Lions, please contact us.

Peterborough Lions prides itself on working hard within the local community, and that is where the vast majority of our fundraising is directed.

However, Peterborough Lions is only one of the many many Lions clubs around the world, and sometimes events outside our community – and indeed outside the UK – have a major impact that require that Lions from around the world to work together. The recent Super Typhoon Haiyan is one such even, affecting many thousands in the Philippines.

Peterborough Lions is a proud supporter of LCIF – Lions Clubs International Foundation – which amongst other things coordinates support from Lions around the world at times like these. LCIF has approved US$130,000 from the LCIF Disaster Relief Fund, to which the the Lions of the Orient and South East Asia have added US$370,000.

LCIF does not simply send money overseas and hope for the best. Working with local Lions, LCIF is able to ensure that the hard raised funds – itself hard earned by those who donated them – deliver genuine benefits where they are desperately needed.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so via our BT Donate page. To ensure that it is used specifically to support LCIF’s Disaster Relief Fund, please make the donation then contact us to let us know how you would like the donation to be used.

Thank you.


The Peterborough Lions that you know and love is but a small cog in the Lions International machine. As a club we primarily work in our own community, but as an organisation the Lions do good work all around the world.

2013/14 Lions International President Barry Palmer is the first Australian to take the post. His background is like that of many Peterborough Lions – stumbling across a Lions fundraising project by accident, taking the time to find out more, and subsequently joining the club – just one of the ordinary people doing amazing things. This ordinary person is now the president of one of the greatest volunteer organisations in the world.

You can find out more on this video biography about how Barry Palmer became Lion Barry Palmer and now, many years on, Lions International President Barry Palmer. And then, maybe you can start your own story by contacting us about becoming a Lion.

Peterborough Lions were pleased to welcome Lions Christine Forest & Andrew McDougall as “Operation Friendship” guests from Rosewood Lions Club Australia.

Lions Andrew & Christine explained the significance of the Rosewood Lions Club to their local community, and reminded us of our own role supporting the community in and around Peterborough. Lion Christine presented Peterborough Lions Club President Bill Peacock with a Rosewood club banner, and Lion President Bill was happy to reciprocate.

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