Want to be a Santa Helper?

Santa needs your help!

Every year, Peterborough Lions Club supports Santa as he takes his sleigh on tour around Peterborough.

Whilst Santa does the hard job of waving at people, handing out sweets to kids, and starring in photos, Lions volunteers do the easy bit of knocking on doors in the cold, often wet, weather, collecting money for good causes as well as letting people know that Santa is nearby.

The number of houses we get to visit depends on the number of volunteers we have on any given night, and that itself can depend a lot on how many Lions have to drop out at short notice. So having a few extra hands – and feet – at our disposal can make a huge difference.

What does it involve?

You’d need to be at the start point by 5:30pm on the evening(s) in question, to sign in to the collection book, get a collection tin, and be briefed on the route. (Times may change for some dates but this is most common.)

We’ll set off at 6pm. The float travels at roughly walking pace allowing volunteers to knock on doors, introduce themselves (something like “Hi, I’m with Peterborough Lions Club and Santa collecting for local charities”), collect any money offered, and move on to the next house.

We aim to finish between 8pm and 9pm (9pm being a cut-off). Typical routes are 3-5km in distance, although that doesn’t factor in the trips up and down driveways!

At the end, tins are collected and you’re finished, although we’ll often then gather in the nearest pub to warm up (not for nothing do the routes usually start and end in pubs!)

What’s in it for me?

You’ll be disappointed – or hopefully pleased – to hear that you won’t get paid. Lions are an entirely unpaid voluntary organisation, and we pay membership fees to ensure that even the running costs of the club aren’t taken from public donations.

However, if you have a good local cause that is close to your heart, then we are happy to split the takings from your tin 50:50 with that cause (in the same way we do with Quiz Sheet sales, if you’ve ever done that with us).

It’s also worth saying that the reception we get is fantastic and worth the effort. Even in miserable weather, it’s a good evening out.

Am I eligible?

If you are:

  • Over 18 (a requirement of our insurance)
  • Trustworthy (you’ll be entrusted with public donations)
  • Polite – you will be representing Lions! All donations, whilst gratefully received, are entirely voluntary with no pressure used to obtain them. We’re looking for Happy and Cheerful, not Grumpy and Sweary!
  • Able to walk ~5km in cold weather (and have suitable clothing and footwear to do so)
  • Reliable – life does throw curveballs, but it’s a huge issue for us if we make plans around a number of people and several don’t turn up (especially without letting us know!)

… then you sound ideal! Get in touch for a chat to find out more (no obligation!)

If you would feel more comfortable walking with a friend, or your (well behaved!) dog, or someone under 18 who remains with you and your responsibility, those are all fine too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I wear something that advertises my own charity/group that I’m raising money for?
    Yes – provided you are clear with the public that it is a Peterborough Lions Club float.