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A Right Royal Answer Sheet

We’re happy to (finally!) share the answers to the Right Royal Quiz. Not many got 100% this year – how did you fare?

You can download a copy of the answers below. Let us know how you got on!

Right Royal Quiz Winners

Finally – after weeks of marking over 700 returned quizzes – the winners can be announced!

Only 13 entrants achieved 100%, which is lower than usual. One question caught more people out than any other, but we’ll come back to that when the answers are released in the next few days. Today is about the winners, who are…

In first place comes L Thain (Peterborough) who takes the top prize of £200, and who said when she heard “I am so chuffed! I’ve been entering for years although usually with some guesses in the answers”.

In second place, all the way from Scotland, we have L Paterson who takes the £100 prize, and then it’s back to Peterborough for third place J Redmond who takes £50.

Of course the real winners are those who get their own Runners-Up mug to cherish: P McCarroll (Bungay), H Turner (Allithwaite), J Baker (Chesterfield), K Hedison (Mansfield), J Edwards (Oakham), V Thompson (Lincoln) and J Catling (Peterborough). Your prizes will be heading your way shortly and we’d love to see photos of you with them shared to our Facebook page if you’re so inclined!

Well done everyone, keep an eye out for the answers any day now!

Santa is coming!

It’s December again – it hardly seems like a year since the last one! And as always it’s a busy month for Santa, but once again he has made time to visit the wonderful of Peterborough and has asked us to keep him company.

You can find full details on our website which will be kept up to date with any changes, with a quick summary below. On the nights when Santa is out with us you can find out exactly where he is using our Santa Tracker. And if you’re looking for Christmas present ideas, why not look at the “Right Royal” quiz sheets in our store, where you will also find past issues if you missed any!

Santa On Tour

This year we will be visiting

  • Stanground (Sun 17th),
  • Orton Wistow (Wed 20th),
  • Netherton (Fri 22nd), and
  • Orton Waterville (Sun 24th).

Santa’s routes and departure times can be found here.

Static Floats

If Santa isn’t passing close to you on his tours you can also find him at the following venues this month:

  • Tuesday 5th December – Hampton Gardens
    Join us at Hampton Gardens School for their first “Festive Event”. Meet Santa, eat burgers, drink mulled wine, and sing along with the Salvation Army brass band!
  • Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December: Morrison’s, Cardea
  • Saturday 16th December: Sainsbury’s, Oxney Road
  • Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd December – Ortongate Centre (2:30-4:30pm)
  • Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th December (Christmas Eve): Sainsbury’s, Bretton Centre

Announcing “A Right Royal Quiz”

Yes, it’s finally here – 2023’s Peterborough Lions Quiz is now available to buy!

Marking the coronation of our new King, “A Right Royal Quiz” brings 100 questions, where each of the answers has some connection to royalty.

As always there are cash prizes to be won – with a new top prize of £200. Entries close on 14th January 2024 so you have plenty of time!

Available now to buy online at £2/ea (plus £1.25 per order for UK shipping), with stock going out to local stockists over the coming days and weeks.

If you would like to help Peterborough Lions Club raise money for “Light Project Peterborough” (supporting Peterborough’s homeless get off the streets) amongst other local projects please get in touch. And if you have a good cause of your own that you’d like to raise money for, we can support you by supplying quiz sheets to sell on a 50:50 basis.

Finally, the time has come to release the answers to the Peterborough Lions Club 2022/23 “Altered Images” quiz, and to tell you who won the cash prizes. Which of those is most important to you may well depend on whether you’re one of the ten named below!

We had over 1000 sheets returned, so huge thanks are due to the team of markers who whittled them down to just 49 100% correct sheets in time for the draw last night.

The winners were:

  • 1st Prize (£100): G. Utting (London)
  • 2nd Prize (£75): D. Prisk (Newborough, Peterborough)
  • 3rd Prize (£50): C. Pairman (Tillicoultry)
  • 4th Prize (£25): B. Canham (Stamford)
  • Runners up (£10 winners):
    • D. Nash (Gloucestershire)
    • H. Burrow (Longthorpe, Peterborough)
    • J. Watkins (Stamford)
    • B. Hoffmann (Orton Wistow, Peterborough)
    • P. Utting (Bretton, Peterborough)
    • C. Brown (Castor, Peterborough)

Were you one of the lucky ten? If not, were you one of the unlucky 39 who got 100% but missed out in the final draw, or did you get one or two wrong? You can now download the answers and check for yourself. While you’re at it, you can pre-order the 2023-24 quiz so that you’re amongst the first to receive it in September, giving you the best chance of making the winner’s list next year!

Here Comes Santa!

Yes it’s December, and ready or not Christmas will soon be upon us!

As always, Santa will be playing his not-insignificant role in proceedings, and amongst his very many duties – while he’s delegated the toy making and present wrapping to his elves – he’ll be making a few trips to Peterborough to say hello.

Peterborough Lions Club will be helping Santa to get out and meet people – he’ll be travelling on our new float, to the following locations:

  • Peterborough Museum (Sat 3rd Dec)
  • East of England Showground – Inflatable 5k obstacle fun run (Sat 10th Dec)
  • Morrisons (Cardea, Stanground) (Sun 10th Dec)
  • Morrisons (Lincoln Road) (Sat/Sun 17th/18th Dec)
  • Sainsbury’s (Bretton) (Sat 24th Dec – Christmas Eve, so a big night for Santa!)

In addition to the above Santa will be touring the following areas of Peterborough

  • Netherton (Fri 16th Dec)
  • Orton Wistow (Mon 19th Dec)
  • Stanground (Wed 21st Dec)
  • Orton Waterville (Fri 23rd Dec)

We – and in particular Santa – look forward to seeing you soon!

Full details of routes and additional information can be found on Santa’s own page

It’s been 9 months in the making but our latest quiz sheet has landed!

Something a little bit different this year: “Altered Images” gives you 100 cropped images, can you tell us who, what or where they are? There should be something for everyone, but can you get every one? We look forward to seeing your answers as they come in between now and January when the quiz closes.

You can buy them straight away in our online store, and they’ll be finding their way to our local stockists over the coming days – we’ll share our stockists map in due course.

Happy quizzing!

Easter is almost upon us….

Giant Thornton's Easter Egg
Win an egg like this!

… and our instantly recognisable giant Easter Eggs are present in pubs across Peterborough – if you hunt one down you stand the chance of winning it in its raffle!

But if you’re not local to Peterborough, what to do? Carrying on from our enforced move online last year when the pubs were shut, we also now have a separate online raffle. The giant chocolatey prizes are delivered directly by Thorntons so you don’t need to come to Peterborough to buy a ticket or to collect your prize. And each completed raffle raises over £50 for good causes!

Buy your ticket in our store, or find out more information here.

It’s About Time!

It’s good to get back to some semblance of normality after 2020! Our “It’s About Time” quiz sales are heading back in the right direction – raising over £4000 so far – and we had over 500 returned to us for marking of which 60 were 100% correct. We managed to avoid any errata – so not quite back to normal there – and have now completed marking and can share both the answers and the list of winners.

First things first, then: the prize draw took place at the Club’s February business meeting (Tuesday 8th), and the winners are:

  • First Prize (£100): S Hicks (Gunthorpe, Peterborough)
  • Second Prize (£75): R Martin (Orton Wistow, Peterborough)
  • Third Prize (£50): J Smith (Hoddesdon, Herts)
  • Fourth Prize (£25): C Roper (Alnwick, Northumberland)
  • Runners up (£10 winners):
    • C Twydell (Ashford, Kent)
    • C Harrop (Oundle)
    • A Wade (Folkestone, Kent)
    • N Griffiths (Grantham, Lincs)
    • C Chinnery (Peterborough)
    • S Blenkhorn (Hanslope, Bucks)

Well done to all the winners, commiserations to everyone else – especially the other 50 who returned 100% correct sheets! Prizes are on their way to you – check your email (if you gave us an address) for more info.

Answer sheets are heading out to those who requested them by post, or you can download the answers below.

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part, for the feedback we received, and for the advance orders for the 2022/23 quiz (to be released in September).

We’re already busy working on the new quiz, and if you haven’t already you can pre-order a copy using the form on the answer sheet, or save money by pre-ordering via our store. In the meantime you will find lots of past copies to keep you entertained until September!

Here Comes Santa!

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again already! And after having to mostly hide away last year until the big night, Father Christmas is back with us to see you!

If you have a few pennies to drop in a collection bucket we’ll of course be very grateful, but what Santa really wants to see is smiling and waving, so don’t let him down!

We’ll be starting this weekend (4/5th December) at Sainsbury’s Oxney Road store, with other sightings guaranteed throughout the month – follow our Facebook page for more details!

Here Comes Santa!
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