Quiz Sheets – Past Issues

Peterborough Lions Quiz is a popular pastime and fundraiser alike. It goes on sale each September and is available through Christmas and into the New Year, with quiz entries accepted until the middle of January.

The Quiz Sheets page on this site updates each year with details of the current quiz, so here we summarise the infomation relating to recent quiz sheets.

Past issues are still available to buy online while stocks last!

2020/21 “Sweet Tooth” Quiz

2020/21 Sweet Tooth Quiz

Released on 1st September 2020, and with an extended sales period due to COVID, our Sweet Tooth Quiz celebrated the joys of confectionery – 100 questions about sweets and chocolates of the past and present.

Due to the pandemic, we had few opportunities to get out and about to sell this one – and many of our partners who sell it for us, or on a 50:50 basis for another cause – were also closed for much or all of the selling period for this quiz. However it quickly became our best seller on the website which went some way to compensating for that!

If you missed this quiz, or any of our other recent ones, they’re still available to buy from our website for entertainment and fundraising purposes.


  • Question 39: Answer should be 5,3,5’1
  • Question 96: Answer should read 1&1’1

Please note that the Q9/Q43 paradox is not an error!



  • First Prize (£100): P Guscott (Tiverton)
  • Second Prize (£75): C Pairman (Tillicoultry)
  • Third Prize (£50): B Stone (Crawley)
  • Fourth Prize (£25): K Whitehouse (Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • Runners up (£10 winners):
    • R Ainscough (Pickering, N Yorks)
    • A Granville (Orton Wistow)
    • N Houston Davies (Deeping St James)
    • D Prisk (Newborough)
    • D Hedison (Mansfield)
    • J Pugh (Cardiff)

2020 “Lights, Camera, Lockdown!” Special Quiz

COVID-19 Special
Lights, Camera, Lockdown!

In April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we released a special free quiz entiled “Stay Home”, with 50 questions relating to activities suited to those of us constrained to their homes during the lockdown.

Following its successful reception, in May 2020 as isolation continues we released this second free quiz: “Lights, Camera, Lockdown!” – 50 questions with film title answers for your home cinema movie nights.

The quiz can be downloaded here (as well as from Facebook and other sources), and can be freely distributed by email or print, or shared on social media. Answers were released on 1st June 2020 and are also available below.

Whilst the quiz has been issued free of charge, we will of-course happily accept donations or orders for past or forthcoming quizzes via our shop. But please don’t feel obliged to do either!


None to our knowledge – if you think otherwise let us know!


2020 “Stay Home” Special Quiz

COVID-19 Special Stay Home

Released just before Easter 2020. our free 2020 “Stay Home” Quiz offered some light relief during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

In a change to our normal format, 50 free questions with answers relating to activities suited to those of staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

Because this was released for free, it can be downloaded below if you missed it, along with the answers.


None to our knowledge – if you think otherwise let us know!


2019/20 “Fifty-Fifty”

Released on 1st September 2019, our 2019/20 “Fifty-Fifty” Quiz celebrated Peterborough Lions Club’s 50th birthday!

Help us to celebrate with 100 questions relating to the number 50, and the people, brands and events sharing our birthday.


  • Question 14: Should read “Fast route to Wales”
  • Question 17: Answer should be 2.8 letters
  • Question 77: Should read “Issued in 1969”



  • First Prize (£100): R Hill (Co. Donegal)
  • Second Prize (£75): C Martin (Ely)
  • Third Prize (£50): J Baker (Chesterfield)
  • Fourth Prize (£25): T Carvill (Co. Down)
  • Runners up (£10 winners):
    • C Chantler (Bath)
    • A Ashenhurst (Exeter)
    • V Reis (Chelmsford)
    • A Granville (Peterborough)
    • P Burden (Wokingham)
    • B Stone (Crawley)

2018/19 “Heroes and Villains”

Released on 1st September 2018, our 2018/19 “Heroes and Villains” Quiz was a tribute to Lion John Cheetham, who created Peterborough Lions Quiz many years ago and who passed to higher service earlier in the year.

Help us to celebrate with 100 questions relating to heroes and villains, real and imaginary.


  • Question 15: Should read “29 Acacia Road”
  • Question 82: A great Telford rival



  • First Prize (£100): L Paterson (Tillicoultry)
  • Second Prize (£75): J Fletcher (St Albans)
  • Third Prize (£50): J Myhill (Melksham)
  • Fourth Prize (£25): D Baker (Daventry)
  • Runners up (£10 winners):
    • J Catling (Peterborough)
    • A Lyniburn (Market Deeping)
    • D Nash (Gloustershire)
    • C Pairman (Tillicoultry)
    • U Murray (London)
    • S Jones (Derby)

Previous Years

The following year’s quiz sheets are still available to purchase in our store for entertainment purposes – and to continue to raise money for local causes and welfare projects – long after their closing dates. You can obtain the answers below.