Deaf Aware

Deaf Aware is the name by which The Lions Hearing Trust has become known. The Trust is a charitable organisation with objectives to make the general public “Deaf Aware”, and hence better able to communicate with Hearing Impaired Persons.

We aim to achieve this through the promotion of Deaf Awareness Sessions where information is provided to improve the understanding of the problem of hearing loss, and training given to assist in the better communication with those who are hearing impaired.

Sessions may vary in length but all include information on:

  • The causes of hearing loss
  • The extent of the problem in the UK
  • How to recognise those with a hearing problem
  • Methods of improving communication with the hearing impaired, which includes “hands on” communicating exercises.

Hearing Impairment is the second largest known disability in the UK. It is surpassed only by Mobility impairment. There are between 9.3 and 9.8 million hearing impaired people in the UK. This equates to nearly I in 6 persons.

Peterborough Lions Club offers these SESSIONS FREE to all local organisations and businesses. We ask that the requesters provide the room for the teaching sessions. The level of the teaching is to that recognised by the “National Open College Network”. Students are issued with a basic Deaf Aware Certificate at the end of the sessions.

Should you wish to know more about this project, or to organise one of the sessions, then please contact: