Thank you!

Peterborough Lions Club owe a debt of thanks to many organisations and individuals, without whom the fundraising and welfare work we do would be a lot harder or even impossible.

This page allows us to say thank you publicly. It is a “work in progress” – there are far more people who deserve thanks than have been listed here, and always will be! Please let us know of any omissions so we can keep this page up to date.

Our club members, supporters, and the people of Peterborough

Without our club members, who are all unpaid volunteers who give up their free time to do the good work that the club does, Peterborough Lions Club simply couldn’t exist. Without our supporters around Peterborough and further afield, who seek out our quiz leaflets and make a detour to come and say hello at a fête, who jump off buildings (or do other crazy things) to raise sponsorship money, we just wouldn’t exist.

And a big thank you goes to the people of Peterborough in general, who wave at Santa, stop and see us at supermarkets and fêtes, who enter Easter Egg raffles or sponsor people to jump off buildings – every wave, every donation, every smile at us when we’re dripping wet and shivering outside in the wind and rain collecting at Christmas, it all counts. Thank You.