Romanian Pride

Romanian Pride involves a group of individuals from various Lions Clubs, including Lion Erica Constable from Peterborough Lions Club, giving up their time to give Romanian children a childhood.

The idea is to spend valuable time with the children, who are aged 4 and upwards, providing them with experiences that they will remember forever.

Their motto is “Giving Children a Childhood”, which is achieved through:

  • Working within Romania to improve the lives of young people
  • Liaising with the Romanian Child Protection Services to provide educational and social activities for the children within their care
  • Assisting with the societal interaction of these young people when leaving the care of the Child Protection Services
  • Developing a programme of care for young people outside the remit of the Child Protection Services

Romanian Pride started with an initial trip in March 2001, following a clothing collection by Task Force Romania. Members of Romanian Pride currently make annual visits to Romania.

More information can be found at the Romanian Pride Website