Easter Eggs

Do you like chocolate?? Every Easter, with the support of businesses around Peterborough, we give you the chance to win a massive chocolate egg, or a rather cute cuddly toy. They are available from a few weeks before Easter (and are on sale now).

Most of them can be found in public houses, and it’ll cost you around the price of half a pint beer to take part. Wouldn’t you swap half a pint of beer for a giant chocolate egg? (If not, why not have both!)

Below is a map of 2019 stockists. Any local business that would be interested in helping us in future should contact us – we really would love to hear from you!

Thanks to the massive support of so many local businesses it’s no longer practical to list them all here, so please take a look at the map.

    We’d like to offer a huge “thank you” to all those who sell and promote our fund raising projects for us, including the locations on the above map. And of-course, on behalf of all the worthy causes that benefit from the funds raised, we would like to say thank you for taking part to everyone who takes part, many of whom seek us out every year.

    Please note that the map is believed correct, but if you spot any errors please let us know. If you’re making a special trip then we’d suggest ringing ahead to avoid a wasted trip, for example if they have sold all the raffle squares before you get there.