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IMPORTANT: The quiz competition is now closed! You are more than welcome to buy this quiz leaflet purely for fun, and the money raised will still be used for great causes. It’s just too late to win a prize now!

In a first for Peterborough Lions Club, we are proud to offer a prize quiz from a fellow Lions Club!

Clacton On Sea’s “Mind The Gap” Quiz offers 100 questions relating to Transport for London stations. The draw offers prizes up to £100 and closes on 30th April 2021 (we will continue to sell them after this time for entertainment and fundraising purposes only).

This quiz is offered on a 50:50 basis: half of the sale value will go to Clacton on Sea Lions, the other half to Peterborough Lions Club.

Peterborough Lions Club will handle the shipping of any orders we receive (and hence you can mix our own quizzes with this one within the same shipping charge) but ALL QUERIES RELATED  TO THE QUIZ MUST BE DIRECTED TO CLACTON-ON-SEA LIONS. 

If you like our own quizzes then we think you’ll like this one, which is in a similar format and similar level of difficulty. Don’t worry if you don’t know your way around London!

Have fun!