Privacy / GDPR

Occasionally in your interactions with Peterborough Lions Club, we may come into contact with your personal details, so it’s important that you know how we might use them, and in particular that you can trust us with them.

If we have had reason to collect your personal details from you then usually it will be obvious why. For example, if you send us a completed Quiz Sheet then we ask for your contact details so that we can let you know if you win a prize; we also now give you the option of providing an email address if you wish to be contacted about future events. And we will only use those details for those stated purposes. All answer sheets are securely destroyed within 3 months of the draw taking place, and we don’t keep any other record of the details unless you opt to provide an email address, in which case we do retain your name and email address unless and until you request to be removed from the email list.

We won’t sell your details to third parties, nor will we share them in any other way unless you have requested that we do so (for example if you ask us to put you into contact with another Lions club).

We do however sometimes use third parties where they can do a better job of ensuring that your data is more secure than we can. If you purchase anything from our web shop, such as the annual Lions Quiz, then you should be aware that to ensure the security of your payment information we partner with specialists such as Ecwid and WooCommerce (shopping cart technology) and PayPal and Square (payment technology). And if you sign up to our mailing list we use to manage it, because it makes it really easy for you to unsubscribe any time you like.

Any information we receive indirectly from these third parties is treated by us as if you had provided it to us directly, and therefore only used for the reasons it was given to us (such as to deliver an order to you). This also applies if you make a donation via PayPal or any other similar partner.