As you can imagine, as much as Santa wants to come and see you before Christmas, and as much as we want to bring him to you, this year has changed a lot of things.

At the moment we have one confirmed weekend outside Sainsbury’s in Bretton on 11th/12th December.

We are trying to secure other dates and other locations but because of social distancing requirements we cannot be at store entrances and that prevents many supermarkets offering us the opportunities.

(We cannot visit Morrisons in Lincoln Road this year but they have very kindly allowed us to place collection tins at checkouts for which we are extremely grateful.)

We have plans to visit Orton Wistow, Netherton and Stanground with Santa but we are awaiting final permissions and insurance clearance before we can confirm dates. Please bear with us! What we do know is that even if we can proceed, we will not be able to stop for photos or knock on doors, so this will be about spreading some Christmas cheer rather than fundraising. (If you would like to donate, we’d love you to visit our donation page!).

It goes without saying that all plans will be subject to last minute changes if those involved have to isolate; the health and safety of Santa, his helpers, and everyone we come into contact with is of-course paramount.

Whatever does happen, we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to a more traditional one next year!