It’s that time of year again, where we celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs, and (optionally) a bit of a pub crawl, all for the good of local causes!

Once again we’ve “hidden” (see map!!) giant chocolate eggs in pubs* and other locations around Peterborough. This time, though, they’re Thorton’s eggs. Does that whet your appetite? The read on! 

If you find one (typically on the bar or somewhere obvious), all you need to do is pick a box on the grid held in each pub (and other location), make a modest donation to great causes, and wait to see if you win. (Whether you trek on to the next location or stay put is up to you!)

Is that a hunt or a crawl? (Does it matter?)

Sometimes helping a charity means finding a poor volunteer standing in cold rain, shaking a bucket (the shaking being a natural response to the cold). But sometimes we make it easy. (No volunteers were made to suffer in the making of this fund raising campaign!)

Each egg is accompanied by a fluffy toy as second prize. Parents are free to choose whether the egg or the toy should be shared with their kids, though!

* If pubs aren’t your thing, but great farm fresh food is, then we’ve still got you covered! Check out the list!