Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who bought our 2014 quiz – another fantastic success and a credit to everyone who took part. Amongst the beneficiaries are 48 local charities and non-profit organisations who sold quiz leaflets on a 50:50 share basis.

We had 875 completed quiz sheets returned to us, 28 of which were 100% correct (up from 6 last year!). The results of the draw were:

1st Prize – D. Brewin, Spalding
2nd Prize – J Harrison, March
3rd Prize – B Stone, Crawley
4th Prize – J Bamford, Spalding
5th Prize – E Dickinson, Dereham
6th Prize – S Maplethorpe, Bretton
7th Prize – L Madden, Hemel Hempstead
8th Prize – J & G Harris, Longthorpe
9th Prize – D Blundell, Northampton
10th Prize – K Woods, Norwich

As always it’s great to see winners from outside Peterborough – thank you to everyone who returned entries and kept our markers busy!

If you didn’t return your quiz and want to mark your own, or (and this probably applies to most of us) just want to find the answers to the questions you couldn’t answer, the answers are available to download here: Peterborough Lions Quiz 2014 Answers (Adobe PDF format)

So that’s it for the 2014 quiz! Take the next six months off to relax and prepare yourself for the 2015 quiz, available from September.