It was nice to see Lions 105EA District Governor travelling all the way from Wymondham Lions Club to attend our September Lions Club business meeting.

Lion Jim Cawte and wife Jennifer were present for a demonstration by Lion Mark Rogers of our sister website, Lions’ Share, followed by a question and answer session about how it works and how well it is doing. We look forward to seeing it promoted across the district in coming months.

Peterborough Lions Club President Bill Peacock presented the DG with our club banner and received one of Lion Jim’s personal banners in return.

We were also given a short introduction to the DG Lady’s 2012 Appeal by Jennifer, which this year is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. For those of us young enough to remember being a teenager, it’s a difficult enough time of life as it is without also having to face the enormous challenge of fighting a disease like cancer, but sadly the plight of teenagers with cancer is often overlooked. For that reason (despite it being direct competition to our own quiz leaflet!) many club members were more than willing to buy the DG Lady’s own quiz leaflets, and the club was also proud to present a donation to the appeal to our visitors.

For more information on the DG Lady’s appeal, see the 105 EA website and the Teenage Cancer Trust website.