At the February Business Meeting of the Peterborough Lions Club, the following names were drawn from the 65 returned “Money Matters” quiz leaflets with all answers correct (out of a total of 1129 quizzes returned):

  • First Prize – P Guest; Nottingham
  • Second Prize – R Hall; Peterborough
  • Third Prize – J Holmes; Mereside, Huntingdon
  • Fourth Prize – S Overton; Whittlesey
  • Fifth Prize –
    • B Lake; North Hykeham
    • C Horton; Southgate, London
    • S Wenlock; Peterborough
    • J A North; Peterborough
    • K O’Brian; Great Easton
    • R Stone; Crew Green, Shrewsbury

So first prize goes outside the Peterborough area this time – better luck to the locals with this year’s quiz! If your name is above and you haven’t been contacted directly within the next few days please get in touch.

Congratulations to everyone above, and to all who bought quiz leaflets this year, whether or not you were able to complete them in full. We hope everyone enjoyed the quiz and look forward to entertaining everyone again later in 2012!

For those of us who needed a little help, the answers can be downloaded here, together with a reply coupon to use if you’d like to pre-order 2012 quiz leaflets (go on, you know you want to!)